Dear Waylon: 11 months

Sweet boy,
You turned 11 months on June 8th.
You learned so many new things and grew like crazy.
I love it when you discover new things and look to me for approval.
It brings my heart so much joy to praise you for learning.
While you've been saying "dada" for awhile now, you said "mama" for the first time on 5.10.12
11 month milestones:
started crawling - (you drag your left leg underneath you...hilarious!)
sitting/standing in your bed
pulling up on everything
opening draws/cabinets
saying "yay" & "hey"
shake head yes & no
waves goodbye
beginning to respond to commands (go get the ball)
learning sign language for "more" & "thank you"
You are a still a big lover of the outdoors.
Sitting on the front porch.
If we're outside, you are happy.
You will eat anything child. You aren't a picky eater (thank you, Lord!).
You have tried just about every vegetable under the sun and you like them.
One of these days we will have a vegetable garden of our own
so you'll get a taste of fresh homegrown veggies. Mmmm!
Since your appetite is healthy, you drink less formula.
You still take a bottle three times a day but you usually don't finish it.
Typically 3-4 ounces in the AM and 6 ounces at lunch and dinner.
You are drinking out of a sippy cup more often. Getting ready to wean you off that bottle.

We are still in a good place with your sleep habits.
You still take 2 great naps a day, a morning and an afternoon.
You still sleep from about 8:30p to at least 6:00a, usually 7:00 & occasionally 8:00.
You fall asleep on your own at night but you usually have to be rocked and/or patted for naps.
You are boy through and through.
You love to throw things.
You love to crash things.
You love to get dirty.
You love to make a mess.
You like to play rough.
But at the end of the day, you will always crawl up
in my lap for snuggle time before you go to sleep.
I sure do love and treasure that time.
Other highlights:
First Mother's Day - more significant for me than you
Memorial Day weekend at Granna & Grandaddy's
First Vacation Bible School at Green Valley
As always, you are such a delight, sweet child of mine.
I love you more than I could ever express.

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