Dear Waylon: 12 months

My little lovie,

Man alive, the past 366 days (leap year) have been the fastest, sweetest, busiest, and most treasured days of my life. I can hardly believe you are a year old. It is bittersweet. Bitter because your baby days are behind us and the evidence you are now a toddler grows with every passing day. Sweet because I love who you are as a one year old. I have enjoyed watching you learn and grow and become the sweet, sensative, smart, handsome little boy you are today.
Floss anyone?

Your 12th month was slam full of fun. We were busy people.
We welcomed baby Abel on 6.12.12
We visited Daddy for Father's Day weekend 6.16 through 6.18
We had a small case of hand, foot, & mouth right before we visited Daddy (on 6.14.12). That is the first time you've been really sick. You've had a cold here and there, but nothing serious. You just did not feel good and you were not yourself. You ate very little. No wonder, the doctor said you had blisters on your throat. You cried a lot. And you ran a constant fever between 101-103. Thankfully, it only lasted 24 hours and we were still able to make the trek to Nashville to spend Father's Day with your daddy. You were such a trooper and bounced back really quickly.

Waylon & Abel

Country Music Hall of Fame

12 month highlights:

You can follow instructions - "get the ball" "come here" "say duck"
You are officially a cruiser. You are experimenting with standing without help.
New words/phrases: "hey dad" "hey hank"  Hank is Meme & Pop's pup.
You attempt to repeat what we say and sometimes surprise us with your ability to.
Your sense of humor is so funny. Your expressions are priceless.
You are learning body parts (nose, mouth, eyes). Instead of just touching, you like to wedge your finger up or into the body part (i.e. up the nose hole or in the mouth). You always surprise me with your timing and I can't help but laugh.
You've figured out how to play peek-a-boo using furniture.
Your 'drag-a-leg' crawl has gotten MUCH faster.
We weaned you off the bottle in just a couple of days (while we were at the beach)
And you LOVE whole milk.
You are beginning to assert your independence big time. You will push our hands away if you think you've got it handled.
You weigh 22 pounds and 7 ounces and are 29 3/4 inches long. You are cruising right along the 50th percentile in both categories.

Let freedom ring

I am so thankful to have such an even-tempered, laid back, happy baby. You have spoiled me. You entertain yourself so well. When you get too quiet and I check on you, I frequently find you looking through books or quietly playing with toys. And you aren't just this way at home. It makes me really proud to know you behave with other people, too. Your Sunday School teachers brag about how well-behaved you are every Sunday. Speaking of well-behaved, we have not "baby-proofed" our house and really don't plan to (with the expection of poisons & toxins which are already kept out of reach for the most part). We are firm believers in teaching you what is off limits so that when we are in other people's homes you know your boundaries. We have to keep a closer eye on you but I think it will pay off in the long run. You already know certain things are off limits, like electrical sockets.

LOVE that smile

We went to the beach with Granna and Grandaddy. Although it wasn't technically your first time, you were only 2 months the official first time so we were excited to see your reactions to the water and sand. You weren't sure about either at first. By the end of our stay, we probably could have buried you in the sand and I think you would have taken off into the ocean if you could have walked. We also tested out a "big pool" and you loved it too. You swam like a little fishy. I dunked you under water once to see how you'd react. You didn't cry, but you weren't a fan. We had such a great week relaxing and playing with my family. Your daddy didn't get to stay with us the whole week, but he was able to come by several times because he was working in the area (divine intervention).


Waylon with Granna & Grandaddy

with Daddy

Look at that hair - blowing in the breeze

got it made in the shade

somebody loves the water

My fam minus Ash, Matt, Abel. We sure missed them.
Hubby is taking the picture.

football time w/ Granna & Uncle Kyle

jumping waves with Daddy

Your birthday was on a Sunday.
You woke up in a great mood and we brought you into our room sang "happy birthday."
While Daddy got ready for church, I found a YouTube video and we sang "happy birthday" a second time. Then at breakfast,  we stuck a candle in your banana and sang "happy birthday" a third time.
After all of the birthday singing, we headed to church. We planned to go to the zoo, but it rained. So we played in the rain instead - your choice - and it was so much fun.

Birthday banana

Playing in the rain

Your first year has come and gone. I wish I could slow down time, but I sure have enjoyed every minute as your Momma. Your sweet little smile can wash all of my cares away in an instant. Snuggling with you melts me into a puddle every time (and I love that you still want to so I take advantage of every opportunity). Hearing you call my name makes my heart skip a beat. There is nothing in the world like being a mommy and I am so glad the Lord blessed me with a handsome blue-eyed baby boy with sweet cheeks and the cutest nose. You've absolutely stolen my heart and I love you a million times a million. 


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