Dear Waylon: months 7-9

(It's ridiculous that I'm over three months behind on Waylon's posts. Thank goodness I made iPhone notes. Now that I'm staying home I plan to actually do his post ON the date he turns another month old.)

My little bambino,

The past few months you have transformed from my baby into my little boy. I am reminded often how much you've grown and changed. It seems like yesterday you could cuddle on my chest. When rocking you now you fill up both arms. I remember when your head barely peeked over the top of the WonderBug. You're almost too big for it now. The stroller swallowed you, now you fit in it perfectly. Your clothes were itsy bitsy. Now you fit in all of the things I couldn't imagine you'd ever be big enough to fit in.

7 months

7 month milestones:

You weigh approximately 18 lbs and you're 27 inches tall

You sit in your highchair for meals now instead of the Bumbo

You started eating of table foods.

You're a big fan of bathtime. This is usually baby/daddy time so it's super special!

You've started biting your bottom lip. I hope you'll break this habit.

Your favorite toys are the shape rattles and the drum with shape rattles and your school bus.

You drop your jaw advising the feeder you're ready for another bite.

Still loving the jumperoo.

Eating schedule: breakfast fruit & 6 oz bottle, lunch fruit & veggie, 4 oz bottle, dinner veggie & 6 oz bottle

You can hold your own bottle.

Sleeping schedule: two good naps a day - AM usually 1-2 hours and PM 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Sleeping from 8:00 - 6:00 every night. And when you sleep, you sleep hard. Your eyelashes are stuck to your eyelid in the picture below. Cracks me up!

You make lots & lots of sounds but no real words yet, except "dada." I don't think you associate it with Daddy yet but you're not far from it.

You've taken interest in my iPhone and the computer. We like to "play" Kneebouncers.

You are sitting like a champ.

First sick visit to Doctor. Turns out you were perfectly healthy - only teething. Better safe than sorry.

You also watched Alabama win their 14th National Championship this year. You can't say "Roll Tide" yet I know you're a Bama fan at heart because you love the Alabama cheers. I have used those for months now to settle you down when you get wound up. Works every time.


8 month milestones:
I'm not positive but I'm guessing you weigh in the 19-20 lb range.
You got a 'watch me grow' stick for Christmas so we can keep up with your height and take it anywhere we move! You are about 27 1/2 inches tall (we started in January).

We're still bathing you in your baby tub but you're outgrowing it. Guess it's time for baths in the big tub. You still LOVE bathtime.

You do NOT like getting out of the tub, however. You scream while getting dried off, lotioned up, & dressed for bed.
You also do not like getting your face or hands wiped.

You are becoming more mobile. Not really crawling and not walking but you're definitely moving.
You're still eating like a champ. We are trying new table foods all the time. Haven't found a thing you don't like yet. Still taking 4 bottles a day, about 6 oz each time.
You're still napping twice a day but the morning nap has shortened to 45 min to an hour. Your afternoon nap is still a solid 2 hours.

You "talk" and "sing" all the time. One of my favorite things is when you sing with me in the car and when you sing yourself to sleep.
You have shown a little bit of separation anxiety from me lately. You're usually fine within a minute or two, once you warm up.

I don't rock you to sleep every night anymore :( I am doing this mostly because I want you to learn to go to sleep on your own but I miss rocking you every night.


9 month milestones:

This month brought a lot of fun change. At the end of your 9th month, I quit my full-time job to stay home with you 3 days a week and I. love. it!! God is so faithful!

Also, you spent almost a week with Granna & Grandaddy this month. I missed you like crazy! Daddy did too!

You came back to me so grown up and making the silliest face ever...I call it the scrunchy nose. Always makes me laugh.

We celebrated your first Easter.

We had our first pool time. As much as you love the water, you had a blast!

We transitioned to the big bathtub. Daddy got in with you the first time because you were a little slippery on your own. I think he had as much fun as you did :)
You are trying to pull up on everything and can stand alone with only the support of a couch or chair.

You are officially a copycat. What you see me do or hear me say you are trying to mimic.

We went to the Doctor for your 9 month checkup. You weighed 19 lbs 14 oz & are 28 1/2 inches. You only had one shot this time but you didn't handle it as well as all of the others. You didn't eat well at all the day you got them. You just weren't yourself for several days. We are going to discuss spreading out the remaining vaccines to keep you from having any potential longterm effects. I'm a believer in vaccinations, but if I can minimize the risk of autism or other things by coming back for extra visits, that's a no brainer to me. I'll make the trek as many times as necessary.

Several days after your shots you spiked a high fever, almost 103 degrees. I'm not sure it was related at all the shots. You had the fever off and on for several days. Just about the time I was going to take you in it broke for good.

You learned to eat using your fingers. I caught this on video but I can't post because I squealed and cried....embarassing. I was extremely proud of you and that I actually caught it on video.

We started using the sippy cup a lot more. I put your formula in it several times and you handled it well. I want the transition of bottle to sippy to be as painless as possible. We are planning to make that happen by your birthday.

Our transition from baby food from the jar to table food has continued. You do really well with it. You love all fruits. We're experimenting with veggies now.

We've started having issues with separation anxiety at church but only on Wednesday nights. You are perfectly fine on Sunday mornings. I equate it to the fact that it's the end of the day and you're just tired. Seven o'clock is your wind down/get ready for bed time. Wednesday nights don't allow you that luxury since we're at church until 7:00. Plus you've usually had a long day of fun and play at MeMe's so you're just worn out. The poor little ladies in the nursery think it's something they're not doing right, but I assure them it's that you've had a long day and you're tired.

Your sleep schedule made a huge shift this month. Since I've been staying home you are going to sleep at between 8:00 and 8:30p andsleeping until 7:30ish, sometimes later. I have to wake you up at 6:00 to go to MeMe's on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And your nap times have increased as well. You take a good 2-3 hour morning nap (usually from 9:30-12:30) & 2-3 hours in the afternoon (3:00-5:00). I'll admit I enjoy that time to get things accomplished so I can play with you when you're awake. I'm happy with your new sleep schedule That extra 30 minutes to an hour in the mornings makes a world of difference (and it's great for weekends, too!).

We've started making weekly trips to the grocery store and you do fantastic. I strategically schedule our outings for right after you wake up from a nap. We don't go that much because we're too busy having fun at home. But the dreaded grocery store runs have become more enjoyable since I get to take you with me (in a good mood).

You cut your first two teeth (bottom centers).

Love bug, you are my sunshine and I love you oh so much! Thank you for teaching me every day, challenging me to be better, and for loving me through my mistakes.


p.s. Sneak peek of 9 month pictures with Sarah :)

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