Dear Waylon: 6 months

**Somehow your 6 month post was written & ready but not posted on your 6 month birthday. I'm really sad because for once, it was actually ready to go. Oh well. Here's to half a year old 9 days later :)**

My little monkey, you are 6 months old today. Six. Months. Old. Halfway to one year. Unbelieveable.

At your 6 month appointment you are weighing in at 18.2 lbs and 26 3/4 inches long - both are 50th percentile. You've slowed with height from previous appointments but you are gaining weight consistently. Doc says you look great & are growing right on target.

Here's what you've been up to lately.
Tried just about everything - bananas, apples, peaches, pears, mixed berries, strawberry/bananas, sweet potatoes, green beas, peas, mixed veggies, squash, carrots, apples and turkey, etc. - you like it all

Five meals a day:
Breakfast at 6:00a - 4 oz bottle & fruit
Mid-morning meal at 10:00a - 4 oz bottle & fruit or veggie
Mid-afternoon snack at 2:00p - 6 oz bottle
Dinner at 6:00p - 4 oz bottle & veggie
4 oz bottle around 8:30p after bath & before bed
*Times are typically an hour later on weekends

We do not give you more than 4 oz past 7:00p or you will wet the bed. Seriously, we've tested it and so far it's the same - 6 oz at bedtime and you wake up early because you're wet. 4 oz at bedtime and you sleep uninterrupted throug the night and are dry when you wake up. So 4 oz it is.

We go to the Doc next week but I know you weigh 18 lbs or better now. You are healthy :)

We. Are. Golden. You now take a morning and afternoon nap ranging between 45 minutes and 2.5 hours. If the morning nap is short the afternoon is usually longer. At night, you sleep 9 - 10 hours. By 8:00p you are ready for bed. After a bath and your last meal, you are usually in bed by 8:30p. You typically sleep until 6:00a. Some mornings we have to wake you up. And on weekends we are usually able to sleep until 7:00 or 7:30 because you entertain yourself. It is a blessing to get a full night's rest again.

Baby boy, you can talk! You goo and gab. I love it because now you will try to carry on a conversation. If we talk to you, you talk back to us in your jibberish. You also grunt, yell, and growl. My favorite is the new squeal you do when you get excited.

What's new:
Sitting up since 12-28(ish) - it happened overnight and now you're a pro
Singing - no words but you do hum (no one has heard this except Mommy but I know exactly what you're doing and it melts my heart)
Your beginning to take an interest in the pups - you watch them curiously
You give kisses when I pucker and go to your lips - you open your mouth and bat your eyes - precious!

Doing things yourself - you are beginning to assert your independence
Your toes
Snuggling with Mommy
Elmo - Elmo's Song & Elmo's Ducks are two of your favorite videos

You are so much fun. You love to interact with us - talking, playing, snuggling. You cry only if you're hungry, bored, tired, or need a diaper change. This has been consistent since you were born. You are beginning to assert some independence. Seems a bit early but we can hardly blame you - you come by it naturally. Two of my favorite parts of the day are 1) greeting you in the morning when you're awake. I love seeing that smile when I peek over your crib and 2) getting big smiles and love when I pick you up on weekday afternoons.

Little lovie
Puddin' pie
My little nugget
Sweet pea

(like I like nicknames much?)

Christmas: You sat on Santa's lap and told him you were a good boy this year. You weren't afraid at all. It'll be interesting to see what another year will do for that relationship. On Christmas Eve, Granna, Grandaddy, and Uncle Kyle came to stay with us. We went to the Christmas Eve service at church then had dinner at opened gifts at Meme and Pop's afterwards. Before bed, Daddy read you "The Night Before Christmas." On Christmas morning, you opened your gifts but that wore you out and you fell asleep about an hour after gifts. Of all of your new toys, I think Elmo was your favorite.

reindeer jams

W with Santa

The Night Before Christmas with Daddy

worn out after opening gifts

Visiting Granna and Grandaddy: You spent two nights with Granna and Gran during the week between Christmas and New Years. They loved having time with just you and you were just as smitten with having all of their attention. I'm so glad you got to take your first real overnight trip and spend some time getting spoiled and loved on. I sure was glad to see you when they brought you home.

Wrapping it up:
Sometimes I look at you and I think my heart might burst because it can't contain my love for you.
I love when you just stare at me with those big blue eyes.
I love when you reach out for my hand.
I love when you rub my shirt or my hand or whatever is closest to you.
I love when you smile and laugh out loud.
I love to when you talk to me even though you aren't using real words yet.
I love when you lay your head on my shoulder.

You are growing up so fast. Watching you become your own little person is such a delight and I thank my God for you everyday.

I love you so sweet baby boy!


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