Dear Waylon: 5 months

My little lovie,

I promise the time clock has sped up in the last five months. I've never known time to pass so quickly. The old cliche saying is true...time flies when you're having fun! Sweet baby boy, you are SO much fun and you're showing Daddy & I exactly how big God blessed us the day you were born. You are such a joy.

In five short months I have completely forgotten what life was like before you. Your dad & I are so thankful for you and adore watching you learn and grow. You have made some serious strides this month little fella.

Still using size 2's. We've switched from Pampers to Huggies because you were soaking through your diapers every.single.night. After having to change sheets more than twice in one week, it was time to try something new. So far, the Huggies seem to be the answer. Funny how that works because we were Pampers fans until this month because they no longer kept you dry.

Some 3-6 & some 6-9. Typically the 6-9 months are necessary for the length but are big everywhere else. Lots of people comment on how you're a "big boy." I think it's those sweet cheeks. They are THE best for kissing!

We tried "real" food for the first time & you LOVE it! You've tried bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and green beans. You ate every single bite the first try with all except green beans (and I can't blame you for that because they were pretty bland. With a little rice cereal mixed in you are even a fan of green beans. I'm hopeful this means you will not be a picky eater like somebody we love very much who also lives in our house :)

Red monkey is still a big hit with you. Also, rattles and anything that plays music. We tried out the jumping seat in the doorway. That didn't work out so well - you spun around on your heels and couldn't jump because it was too hard to balance. Meme bought you a jumperoo that sits on the floor & supports you so you don't have to do the balancing act & you jump til you drop. You love it!

A good night means 7-8 hours straight. You have started waking up daily in the 4am hour. Not cool. Since we have to get up by 5:30 during the week, 4:00 just means a very early start to the day. I have no idea why this started and really not a clue how to end it but I'm praying it comes to an end soon. A 4am start makes for one very tired Mommy (and baby).

Not your favorite. But oh the difference they make in your moods and your nighttime sleep routine. During the week Meme reports you typically take 30-45 minute naps in the morning and maybe another 30-45 minutes in the afternoon. That usually equals a cranky and tired baby for Mommy and Daddy in the evenings. We are trying to encourage a daily schedule - eat, play, sleep - so you'll  learn to fall asleep naturally at same time everyday. It can be difficult task to achieve when the routine is different Monday-Friday than it is Saturday-Sunday. One day at a time.

You eat 5 meals a day ranging from 6oz -8oz. You get a bottle (usually 6 oz) and a fruit for breakfast around 6:00a. At 10:00a you get another 6 oz bottle and a veggie. Then at 2:00p you have an 8 oz bottle. At 6:00p you get another 6 oz bottle & another veggie. Right before bed we "top you off" with another 4 oz - 6 oz to last you through the night.

You like:
Jumping in your jumperoo
Being around people
Snuggling with Mommy

You dislike:

Whats new:
Grabbing - anything in sight and close enough to reach and whatever you grab goes straight to your mouth
Your toes
Stranger anxiety - you showed the first signs at Mommy's work Christmas party. You only wanted Mommy holding you.
Belly laughing - when you find things funny you laugh really hard. It's adorable!

We had so much going on during October we weren't able to have your 3 month pictures taken. So we opted to do 4 months instead (he was about 4.5 months when they were taken). We had a friend (Sarah Turner) take them & they turned out just perfect! We couldn't be more pleased with the results. Here are a few of our favorites.

Happy 5 months sweet baby boy!

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