Brain Dump

Get ready! This will be a dump of all sorts of different information that I just need to get out. After the brain dump, I'll post Waylon's 3rd through 5th month updates. Here goes....

1. I want to learn to use my creativity more effectively. I've had so many projects and ideas that have never come to fruition because of fear, frustraton, overload. I let life distract me and forget to take time to enjoy the things that I love.

2. I want to work from home more than anything in this world. I want to create, design, give back, fellowship with other Christian women, use my talents for God's glory, be a homemaker with a job that I look forward to getting up for every morning. I'm not sure yet what that looks like for me but this desire overwhelms me at times. My prayer is to be obedient to God's calling for my life, not my own.

3. I want to leave what is for what could be. Our pastor challenged us with this message last Sunday and it hasn't left my mind since. I'm praying, again, I will be obedient to God so He can use me for His purpose.

4. I have a bad habit of being anxious when there are too many things going on in my head, which seems to be always for me these days. Between home responsibilities, work responsibitlies, and all of the little things in between (birthdays, showers, functions, etc.) I wake up many mornings with a heavy heart feeling there aren't enough hours in my day to accomplish it all. I tend to shut down when I get too overwhelmed. Rather than handle what I can, I put things off. This is somthing that has recently become a bad habit. I want to change that.

5. Enough of what I want to change about me or my circumstances. I've got so much to be thankful for and I try to make that my focus every day. Satan doesn't give up easily, though, I tell ya. It's a mindful & very intentional deal for me. But I have way too much to thank the Lord for to complain, truly.

6. I am so, so thankful for my husband. He has really pitched in to help me with mundane tasks like dishes, laundry, bottle-washing, baby duty. And he encourages me to be better. He joined a gym to get in shape, well rather signed both of us up for gym membership because he knows I want to lose the baby weight still hanging around & pestering me. He is a good man. Waylon and I are so blessed that he is ours :)

7. I am infinitely thankful for my little pumpkin. Honestly, my heart has never known such a love. And my life continues to be enriched every day. I'm pretty sure my heart stops sometimes when those big blue eyes look at me, whether they're sleepy eyes, smiling eyes, laughing eyes, or crying eyes. Waylon is my heart. So thankful for him.

8. I'm thankful that the Lord tells me to cast my cares upon Him because He cares for me.

Waylon updates coming up.....

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