Dear Waylon: 3 months

My Doodlebug,
You turned 3 months old October 8. Every month I say it but every month I mean it. I cannot believe how fast you're growing. This month you've made some big changes and I know this is just the beginning.

For starters, you slept through the night for the first time! You went to sleep at 8:30p and slept until 6:30a. We anticipated this accomplishment wasn't far off because you'd become really disinterested in your middle of the night feeding, usually only taking 1-3 ounces of your 5 ounce bottle. In the two weeks since you slept through the night, you've begun to wake some mornings at 4a, some at 5:30, sometimes at 3a. I attribute the confusion to new schedules, new scenary, and new routines. We stopped swaddling you at night because you are always hot and it didn't seem to bother you not being swaddled. I'm second guessing that a little since we're waking too early in the morning. We're still trying to work out the kinks.

Speaking of new routines, I had to go back to work on September 12th so now you're going to MeMe's house during the day. We usually leave our house between 7a and 7:15a. I drop you off and give you plenty of sugar to get me through lunch time. I am blessed to be able to visit at lunch since MeMe doesn't live too far from work. I enjoy getting to see you in the middle of the day. It makes it a little less hard to deal with having to work all day.

You're such a happy little guy. You no longer protest diaper changes and you really like bath time now. If you're crying there is a need to be met with the exception of the carseat. You are no longer a fan (at all) of your carseat. You usually throw a fit after we're on the road and I can't do anything to help.

You're solely on formula. I quit breastfeeding at 10 weeks because I went back to work and you started eating a lot more really quickly. Mommy couldn't keep up. We put rice cereal in your bedtime bottle and that has really helped to control the spitting up. You are eating 5 ounces every 3 to 4 hours. And you're growing like a weed! You've gained over 4 pounds since your 2 month check up! Every new stage is fun but it makes Mommy sad to see how fast you're growing.

Mommy had to go to Michigan for two weeks this month with work. You turned 3 months while I was there. It was a tough couple of weeks. I missed you and Daddy so, so much. But Daddy was great to send me pictures and videos frequently. You changed so much while I was gone, but I was relieved to find you didn't forget me while I was gone :) I'm so glad you and Daddy had some "guy" time to bond. I think it was good for you both. Daddy took such good care of you! But I sure was glad to be home.

Those two weeks made me all the more thankul for every moment I get to spend with you and I make a conscious effort to take it all in and enjoy every sweet second. I'm loving watching the way you change. You are getting those sweet little rolls on your legs and your cheeks are filling out. Perfect for kissing! And those little cheeks have gotten really good at cracking the biggest grins that melt Mommy's heart into a big puddle.

We introduced the exersaucer and it's a big hit. You like using your legs to push up. You have gotten really good at holding up your head on your own. We're starting to use the bumbo more so you'll get to practice. We've been taking walks in the jogger and you just soak in everything. You like being outside. You've discovered the mobile and the mirror in your crib at MeMe's and you love them!

You're not rolling over yet but you kick those little legs all of the time. You're trying so hard to move. I push your legs like you're pedaling a bicycle and you think it's pretty funny.

I think you are starting to teeth. You can soak a shirt in a matter of minutes. You like to "talk" now. You have a little red monkey that hangs from your carseat that you are fascinated by and love to "coo" at.
You like to sit up and face forward and you are so aware of your surroundings. You are such a big boy!

Your daddy & I love you sweet boy!

3 month stats:

14 pounds 3 ounces

24 inches

size 1 diapers

3 month/3-6 month clothes

5 ounce bottle every 3.5 hours

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