Dear Waylon: 1 Month

Dear Waylon,

Mommy & Daddy can hardly believe you are a month old already! You have changed so much in the month you've been in our lives. You are a full time blessing! You have us doing things we never imagined possible. Definitely teaching us big lessons in patience & selflessness. It's completely worth it though. Even Daddy wakes up in the middle of the night to comfort you when Mommy changes your diaper at your middle of the night feeding because you do NOT like having your diaper changed. That is love, my sweet little one, because your Daddy likes his sleep :)

You are the most beautiful baby. Everyone ooo's & ahh's over you. I can't say I blame them. You are something else. Daddy & I are so proud of you & love showing you off :) You are a good baby. You usually cry only when you need something...food, diaper change, or sleep...but we think you may have a touch of reflux & you do get gas trapped in your tummy sometimes which causes you to shriek out in pain. We've become best friends with Gripe Water. It gives both you & Mommy relief. I hate to hear you cry, but especially when you're in pain.

You've really become curious of the world around you. You are really intrigued by ceiling fans & lights. Sit you up in front of a window & you are content. You are able to focus better with each passing day but sometimes your eyes still get a little crossed. You respond to the sound of Mommy & Daddy's voice now (this happened around 2.5 or 3 weeks). You like to be swaddled & cuddled. We tried out your Moby wrap today & you LOVE it! You enjoy your swing most of the time, but you are most content in our arms. I love holding you because I can steal those sweet baby kisses a million times, but I am working on teaching you to self-soothe & entertain. You are sleeping really well at night, usually between 3-5 hours. You moved into your room when you were 27 days old & you've been sleeping GREAT! Naptime is a more challenging. Because you fight sleep like crazy I usually have to let you cry yourself to sleep. You do much better at night & usually go to sleep without any issue. We are breastfeeding & you've taken to it like a pro. Starting at 3 weeks we began feeding you with pumped milk in a bottle at night because you tend to be a little lazy when eating sometimes. You haven't had any problems adjusting to the breast & bottle. You are not a fan of diaper changes or bathtime yet. You usually scream at the top of your perfectly healthy lungs. You seemed to enjoy your first tub bath....until we started to actually bathe you. I'm sure this will change with time. You certainly have your own little personality & we love watching you express it. You make some of the most adorable sounds & faces I've ever heard/seen! You are such a joy & we are blessed to be your Mommy & Daddy!

1 month stats:

Food: 30 min to an 1 hour on the breast during the day
          2-3 oz of breastmilk every 3-5 hours at night
Sleep: 30 minutes to 2 hours naps during the day
          3-5 hour stretches at night

Diapers: 6-8 diapers a day. You are still in newborn size, but not for long.

Clothes: Newborn or 0-3 month

Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz at 2 week Dr visit
            8.6 according to my calculations last week

Height: 21.75 inches at 2 week Dr appt

Head Circumference: 14.50 inches at 2 week Dr appt

Likes: Eating, tummy time, pacifier, cuddling, being swaddled

Dislikes: Diaper/clothes changes, bath time, falling asleep anywhere but our arms during the day

Milestones: You can lift up your head. We noticed you doing this for the first time when you were 4 days old. You are very alert & able to follow things with your eyes now. You follow the mobile on your swing now & you follow our voices with those big blue eyes.

Love at first sight

During our first week at home we had lots of visitors. Although it stressed Mommy out to have people in my not-so-tidy house, they enjoyed loving on you & didn't notice the mess (or at least pretended).

We visited Dr. Simpson for the first time on July 22 when you were 2 weeks old. They pricked your heel & took all of your measurements again. You gained 5 ounces from the day we left the hospital & were up to 7 lbs. 14 oz. Dr. Simpson said you perfect. We already knew that though. 

You also took your first overnight trip to Grandaddy & Granna's house. You did awesome! You slept great, ate great & were very sociable when you were awake. You met Mamaw for the first time. I'm certain she was completely in love with you. She didn't want anyone else to hold you because that took away time that she got to hold you. You were exactly the medicine she needed.

You went to church for the first time at 3 weeks old. You helped us welcome our new pastor, Jeff James. We kept you in your carseat & took you into worship with us & you did great. Slept through it all.

We went to church again yesterday & you stayed in the nursery for the first time. Mommy had a little bit of separation anxiety but the sweet ladies who took care of you made sure you had plenty of love while we were in worship. For that, I'm thankful. I'm pretty sure they never put you down :)

Happy 1 month baby boy! Mommy & Daddy love you more than anything in the world!

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  1. this is so sweet and such a great way to remember all the little details of Waylon's first month. Happy 1 month birthday little buddy :)