My kind of weekend

Happy Friday Rovers!

For a short week, this one has been a long one. I've been a busy bee applying to graduate school, decorating for fall & training for the 5k next weekend. Now that football season is upon us my weekend free time is much more scarce. I have been working for two weeks trying to put together a wreath for my side door. I bought the cutest accessories to use & put it together about 5,397,289 times just to take it apart because I wasn't satisfied. It was rather frustrating with a funk fogging my ability to make a simple fall wreath. However, today the fog disappeared & I was able to create the perfect wreath to welcome guests into our home. I'm very proud of it :)

I'm working on another one for the front door. Maybe I'll have it done by Halloween :) Kidding. Hopefully it'll be finished by the end of the weekend. I'm in the middle of painting the green part of our kitchen the color green I originally intended to paint it. I've put up with the brighter green for as long as I could stand it. I'm not sure it'll be a noticeable difference to an unfamiliar eye but it'll make my heart feel better. I'm pretty sure I'm about to drive Jake crazy with all of my projects & project ideas. Bless his heart he's a patient man & I'm so thankful for him & his willingness to let me rearrange & change things as my heart desires. He is a good man. 

So back to what is partially to "blame" for my distraction from my projects. Last weekend we spent a perfect September Saturday in Tuscaloosa taking part in one of our favorite fall festivities {or THE favorite in my sweet husband's case}. Last minute tickets allowed us to be the first crowd to experience a game in Bryant Denny Stadium with over 100k fans. The place looks so much different from when I was a student just three short seasons ago. Bigger and better....and more expensive tickets. That's why our happy little selves were at the San Jose State game. It's the cheapest ticket you'll find all year. Good friends, good food, good football. There isn't hardly a better combination.

The "old{er}" endzone
So good to catch up with old friends & make some new ones

Love my hubby :)

view from our seats
new endzone


Have a great weekend!


  1. Great pictures! And the wreath is adorable!

  2. I love your wreath! I might have to copy and make a woo pig sooie version! lol!
    : )