I'm Back

Hallelujah we made it through Monday!

Happy Monday evening bloggy friends. I'm alive and well to begin a brand new week but that hasn't always been so in the past week. I was pretty under the weather starting on Wednesday night and trailing right on into the weekend. A yucky bug got in my tummy and gave me a good bite. Nausea and muscle aches had me wishing someone could just sucker punch me one good time, knock me out and let me sleep it off. I'll spare you the details but I am glad to have my tummy back in tact.

Last Monday my sister turned 22. We celebrated over dinner and cake with a side of presents. I bought her a picture frame and the cutest houndstooth elephant earrings for football season (if I do say so myself). The earrings are 3D. Pretty awesome. We had dinner at On Tap and I ate way more fried food than I've had in over 2 months. That kind of indulgence is only acceptable on a special person's birthday. Otherwise it would be a crime.
Birthday Girl

Roll Tide!

Wednesday morning I took the GRE to quailfy for gradate school. I am NOT a standardized test taker at all. I hate them with every part of my being. However, graduate schools love to love them. In my humble opinion, they put way too much stock in a single test that proves very little of what someone is capable of in the real job world. Glad it's over. Soapbox closed. I'll just say I did okay. Not as well as I'd hoped but not as bad as it could have been.

The night after I took the GRE I came down with the stomach bug. I was down & out for two days but was back on the hopper Sunday to take Daddy to the Braves game for his....are you ready...Father's Day present. Yes, I get it. You're laughing because we're celebrating Father's Day when we're nearly at Labor Day, but you know, when you've got busy schedules and limited available weekends it just happens that this was our weekend that worked. We had a fantastic time and the Braves won in an ultimate comeback.
Ashley, Michael, Dad, Mom, Kyle, Kasey

We were WAY up on the last row of the top deck.

Sister and I ran 1.5 miles this afternoon. We're training to run in the Head Over Teal 5k on September 18th for ovarian cancer research and early detection. We're running on the team for a dear family friend of the Eldridge family, Mrs. Toni Keyes. Pretty pumped about running for a cause. Definitely helps to motivate me to get up and move. If you're in the Birmingham area and would like more information on the race or any of the activities planned please click here. If you'd like to sign up to be on Mrs. Toni's team shoot me an email at sdeldridge@gmail.com and I'll get the information to you asap.

Okay, I'm gone. Sister wants to get up early and do P90X in the AM AND run tomorrow afternoon. She's a glutten for punishment or trying to kill me one (the motivation is good for me). I'll be back soon with crafty goodness just in time to welcome fall. For me, September 1 means fall. I can't wait until the 21 or 22 or whatever the actual day. Football season & slightly cooler weather....fall it is :) Nighty night!


  1. Yay you're back and looking great. Sorry you were sickly! But Im glad you're on the mend and running like a crazy person (emphasis on the crazy!). Love those earrings (ya know, if I was a Bama fan). And who's Michael? He's a cutie. Does Ashley have a new man in her life? Looks like we have a lot to catch up on! And I started fall on Sunday ;-P Great minds think alike.

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