Where has June gone??

Can you believe we're already in the LAST full week of June?  2010 is almost halfway over.  At least I know there is truth to the saying "Time flies when you're having fun" because there's been a lot of that going on around here.
Check them out, that Lucy & Wilson. They certainly tested my patience when I walked through the door to find a mini tornado had swiped through my living room. Deciding I would take a necessary potty break before I began clean up duties I find this:
I just thought I closed that door tight enough :)

Right down to the bare bone. 

And just as I've finished picking up the results of their party & I'm getting ready to let the boogers back indoors to eat their dinner I walk out to find this:

Nothing left to do but laugh. That's the only thing that kept me from pulling my hair out.

I might be a bad puppy parent but he went to bed dirty that night. It didn't stop him from having more fun in that same mud hole the next day but I guess he's just enjoying life to the fullest. I can't blame the pup for that. He's teaching me to "play in the mud holes" more often because life is too short to be clean all of the time :)

Last weekend, while bathing both pups after a mud hole experience, I found a cracked toenail on Lucy.  So we took her to the vet for fear it would snag on something & create bigger issues & they had to sedate her & cut the nail into the quick.  Poor baby had a bitty cast on her leg for a couple of days but she's as good as new now.  What a little trooper.
Hope all of you Daddy-o's out there had a fantastic Father's Day. There is something special about a dad.  I have a phenomenal Daddy. He has been my hero since I was knee high to a grasshopper & he sure holds a special place in my heart. I am so thankful for the constant he's always been in my life & for teaching me that Jesus is my only need.  He is an incredible man of God & I respect him & love him with all of my my being. I wasn't able to celebrate this special day with him but we've reserved some time next month to celebrate instead. Jake & I are taking him to a Braves game (along with the rest of the fam). I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  But I do have a fantastic father-in-law that I did get to spend some time with yesterday & I am certainly blessed that he chose to raise his family & my husband in a godly home with godly values.  And while my sweet husband is not yet a father, I know he will be an extraordinary one.  My kids will be so blessed to call him their daddy.  I couldn't have chosen a better man to raise my children with.  And best of all, I have a Heavenly Father who used my daddy & Jake's daddy as vessels to express His extravagant love to us.  By His grace, we were raised by God-fearing men who set the pace for our journey in life & led by example.

While I was high on love most of the day yesterday, I came crashing down yesterday evening in a loud thud.  I decided I "needed" to move our bed so the air vent could do its job better & keep the room cooler.  I had almost completed the task before me when I heard a gut-wrenching ripping sound & down, down, down went the mattress & box springs.  OH SNAP! I BROKE THE BED!!!  Sure enough, one of the slats ripped right apart from its holder.  We're going to try to fix it with wood glue, but I'll admit I'm a little nervous to sleep on it after I saw the way it came apart from a little scooting.  So, in light of my currently crippled bed I've been drooling over a couple of new beds.

The first one I love for the headboard.  It's simple but elegant.  I could change my bedding a million times & it would always match.  I love its simplicity.  And I love that there isn't a foot board.

The second one I love more for the atmosphere created by the genius minds at Pottery Barn.  I love the pendant light hanging above the bed.  I love the sheer curtains that give a sense of privacy.  I love all of the pillows.  It's just a cool bed.

**DISCLAIMER:  I will NOT be buying a bed from Pottery Barn even if we do have to replace ours.  I can't stomach spending that much money on any one piece of furniture right now {or ever} but I will be looking for their twins.**

Hopefully ours will be on the mend in the next day or so, but until then we're on mattresses on the floor.  It feels strikingly similar to college life.  But it's strangely refreshing.

Half way through June.  I hope you've found 2010 full of blessings & growth so far & I hope all of those resolutions you set back in January are getting checked off one by one.  I'm working on mine.  I anticipate the remainder of the year being as lovely as the first half.  Here in the Eldridge home, we're overflowing with blessings.  Happy Monday evening!


  1. Umm..Those bad puppies. Thanks for sharing a picture. Too funny! My house would look like that times 10 if I left Tucker out, I'm afraid. And probably with lots of peepee to go with it!
    And sure that's how you broke the bed...I believe you, Steph ;-) Here's hoping you get it fixed or a new beauty. I know a fabulous place here in Conway that will give you a great deal. Oh and Tucker goes to bed dirty all the time. He prefers it, I think.

  2. lol...Breanna and I totally enjoyed reading about your puppy adventures! We have a Corgi that decided to eat a corner of our brand new sleigh bed and the corner of a sofa as a pup. Luckily, she's out of that phase!

    I'm sooooo thrilled to see that our Savior has a stronghold in your life..He can certainly help us see the joy in our sometimes trying lives!