Where is the pause button??

Every time I blink my eyes another month has passed.  This just reminds me how temporary & fleeting this life really is & that God is really Whose I am & Who I should be living my life for. Because if this life were my own I'd really like to make it slow down sometimes. But since this is my temporary home, I can't help but count every precious day as a blessing to live for Jesus & deeply enjoy the gifts He's blessed me with.

We have a family reunion to attend today so this is going to be quick, but I'll be back with more than I/We've been up to this last month.

For starters:
1. I started a diet called Bariatrics & I've lost almost 7 lbs. in 10 days.
2. I'm about to gear myself up to go back to school to get my Masters in Education.
3. I finished Breaking Dawn & will be patiently anxiously waiting for that movie to debut.
4. I've been testing my green thumb the past couple of weekends. I got sore muscles this morning to prove it.
5. I've got a few crafts up my sleeve that I'm finally MAKING time to do. I love it once I'm started...it's just hard to get started sometimes.
6. I have THE BEST husband in the world & I am so thankful for him.

I'll be back later to post pictures & elaborate on what the Lord is doing in our house & how very faithful He has been (& continues to be) to us.

Happy Sunday!

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