Weekends Past

Just a random little thought.  I am super pumped about the day that I can stay home & be completely domestic all day, every day.  It's not for some, but my heart absolutely longs for it.  Or maybe I will become a teacher so that I can at least stay home during the summer & I can be off when my children are off.  It's definitely a thought I'm seriously entertaining.  I'm so thankful for my job but insurance is not my life's call & I believe that He has plans to fulfill my life's purpose in a different career field.  Prayerfully considering the options :)

Okay, on to the fun stuff!

Who doesn't love a good lazy weekend of relaxation & pamper?  My sister came to visit & that's exactly what we did.  We watched the first two Twilight movies & got pretty toes.

I told you we were lazy.  I hadn't even showered yet in the above picture, which would explain why there's a hat on my head.  I can handle no makeup but I refuse to expose a greasy head.  And just in case you were wondering, I did shave my legs so the pedicure lady did not have to rub over the prickles.  Lazy/pamper weekend with sister was a success.

Now off to the beach with hubby to celebrate two wonderful years of matrimony.  Apparently we picked a perfect time to go because it was not very crowded & not a drop of oil to be found.  It was fantastic & exactly the getaway that we needed.

Can't beat that view!

Hubby had a little trouble getting out of his chair. Our anniversary trips always promise a laugh & a good story.  The big laugh was definitely here--& this is not due to lost inhibitions in result of cosumption. Truly he just flopped backwards & got stuck--probably only funny if you were there.  A good memory nonetheless. The big story was losing a very expensive pair of sunglasses to the Sea & splashing around & pouting because he thought I was going to scold him.  I did not, for the record.  I did recommend that he never take a very expensive pair of sunglasses into the ocean again.  He agreed.
View of the beach from our balcony.  How can you see that & deny our Creator?
And finally, the unwelcome vaccuum cleaner salesman who spent the final 2.5 hours of our anniversary telling me that my vaccuum sucks (no pun intended) & showing me how much dirt I have in my house. He didn't win that night.  No vaccuum was bought. Jake welcomed them in for a "free carpet cleaning." I think another valuable lesson was learned here.  Don't ever let the salespeople in your house.  They will way overstay their welcome!
And last but certainly not least, Memorial Day weekend.  My best friend of nearly 20 years, Shanna, & her husband Jonathan visited us for the long weekend & we had a blast.  We caught a Braves game in Atlanta on Saturday night, bowled a little on Sunday & said our farewells early Monday morning.  These times with my bestie never last long enough.  I wish that we could live closer, but I'm always so thankful for the time we do get to spend together & for the special role she's played in my life all of these years.  A friendship like ours is rare & I thank my God for the blessing of our friendship.

Dinner at Outback before the game

This weekend will not be as much fun as the three weekends past.  Getting all four of my wisdom teeth cut out today so I'm in for a weekend of recovery.  A tiny bit nervous, I will admit.  Your prayers are appreciated but I know that I will be just fine.  I've got the best caretaker in the world at my beck & call :)

Have a good weekend!

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