That's what I love about Sunday

*A day reserved for rest - Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

*Backyard cookouts with family

*Trade Days - I'll post about my experience & treasures very soon.

*Putting off going to the grocery store until Monday

*Playing fetch in the backyard with Lucy & Wilson

*Reading how God is so faithful to us in the good times & the bad. I found a really cool blog of a lady who is saving to adopt her third child one bracelet at a time. It's a precious story & I am in love with her creations - I'm so honored to contribute to helping bring her baby girl home from China.
   This one is my fave of the designs still available:

In the words of old school cartoon star Mr. Porky Pig...that's all folks!  Hope your week starts with a bang!

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