Spring practice in Tuscaloosa

so I took the day to piddle

My house didn't get cleaned nor did clothes get washed or my very necessary trip to the grocery store get checked off the to-do list. So I'm sharing a few things that I've "done" on my piddle day.

Jake & I did Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University a little over a year ago. We haven't been disciplined with our finances the way we anticipated when we graduated from FPU. Hey, life happens. But since doing our taxes & finding that we owed the government a large sum of money we are back on board with Dave's principles & saving $$ {if for nothing else but to keep it out of hands who clearly have zero money mgmt skills}. Now for how this applies to my piddle day. My feet have been begging me to let them soak in the little foot tub at Top Nails since it's now flip flop season & they'll have to show themselves more often. But I couldn't muster up the needed energy to spend $25-$30 for someone else to do what I could easily to myself for much less. I already had all of these supplies:

I even had the toe spreaders to help get the full effect.

And when I was finished my toes were flip flop ready & my tooties smelled as if I'd paid $30 :) 

Complete 180 randomness.

I've been thinking more & more about having kiddos. No matter how you look at it, time is flying & that part of our lives is approaching us more quickly every day. As I thought about all of the exciting times that lie ahead-finding out I'm pregnant & telling our family & friends, picking out names & decorating a nursery, going through lots of body changes & labor, being responsible for raising a human life-I thought about my childhood & how precious those memories are to me. Here are some of my favorites.

The ice cream truck. I remember begging Mom for money to buy the weirdest ice cream treats. She almost always let us have our way on this one. We had to eat it fast before it melted. I am so excited to do that with my kids.


Running through the sprinklers bare foot in our swimsuits.

Playing with our Fisher Price Dream Dollhouse on the forch porch for hours! I was kind of obsessed. I remember it being a real treat to get new pieces for the house. Oh the joys of childhood.

Doesn't that look like so much fun for a little girl?

And from the last random corner of my brain:

I have a couple of plants not yet planted sitting by my side door. These will be going in planters for to brighten the side of the house. They are called sunrise rose lantana. Aren't they gorgeous?

I love all of the colors of Spring & how it has reminded me today of my childhood & leaves me to excitedly anticipate giving my {future} children the same joys that they'll grow to cherish.

Upcoming:  I've got plans to refinish a headboard & footboard for my guest bedroom next week {should the weather allow} so I'll be posting about that when it's complete. Also, we're going to Trade Days tomorrow {basically a huge garage sale that takes place once a month at Tannehill State Park} so if I find any treasures you'll know by tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday evening!

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