Spring fever

Well partners, this last month has been a whirlwind of busyness for the Eldridge household.  Between holidays & friend visits & taxes & work we have been busy little bees.  I've enjoyed every second of it!  I'm so thankful we are able to serve a Risen Savior & that we have been blessed with success in our jobs & that we have wonderful friends who want to come visit us.  The taxes part, I lied about enjoying that.  It's just a necessary evil in my book, but nonetheless it's been on the agenda in these last few weeks.  Is it me or are the weeks flying by at a painfully fast pace? 

Our friends, the Roddens, came to visit us last weekend.  I was so thankful to have them come in on Thursday evening because Jake was out of town (I don't really like staying by myself for more than a night or two).  We had a delightful visit.  JB & I got our hands dirty & planted some color in my flowerbeds.  I love driving up to my house every afternoon.  It's comfortable, inviting.  Reminds me of summertime.  Maybe I'm just proud that I'm working on building my "green thumb" muscle & I feel that I made some progress this weekend but I am tickled to pull into my driveway every afternoon & change clothes so I can go water my plants.

Spring door wreath....compliments of Jenny Beth.

New little yard decor. He's too cute!

In other news, Lucy & Wilson stayed at the "puppy hotel" for the first time several weeks back while we went away for the weekend for Jake's birthday.  There were several items on the agenda, most pertaining to Wilson.  He got caught up on shots, bathed & groomed.  I learned why you need be very specific with groomers.  Because if you aren't your dog will wind up with zero hair.

Remember this fluffly guy?

He now looks like this:

After I stopped laughing hysterically & officially gave my smallest fur baby a complex, I actually started liking the short hair.  1) He doesn't get nearly as dirty. 2) It's cooler for the warmer weather. 3) I can see his sweet little eyes & I love that.  And I have earned his forgiveness for laughing at his new do with lots of tug of war & fetch.

Happy Friday Eve friends!

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