new routine & the king of country

First things first. It's been TOO long since I last blogged. This in part because I've got a new daily routine. I was invited by a dear friend on mine to join her to workout at the gym at the church we've been visiting. She mentioned 5:45 workouts & my mind immediately thought PM. Think again. She meant 5:45 AM! So I committed & dreaded having to get up on day one. But to my pleasant surprise, it hasn't been bad at all.  I'm half way through week 3 of my early morning workouts & I feel like I'm picking up steam. At least on the workout end of things. However, on the latter end of the day I find myself losing steam. Not because of fatigue or exhaustion, but simply I feel I've "earned" the right to relax & free my mind from thought of any sort. 

Now that I'm more accustomed to an earlier morning, I plan to incorporate better use of my time in the evening. I have SO much more energy & I sleep like a baby.  Not to mention that I'm noticing differences in my body shape.  And I'm pumped equally about all of the above.

So now on to the fun we've been having.

We started March off by visiting my best friend & her hubs in Arkansas. My sweet husband surprised me for my birthday with tickets to see my favorite, GEORGE STRAIT, & probably one of my all-time favorite female artists, Reba McEntire [love her]. The only thing was no concert coming to our city so he made an even better decision to take me on a trip to visit my bff AND go to the concert. It was absolutely fabulous.  Because my camera battery decided to die on me, I'll share the few photos I captured & will refer you to Shanna's blog for a few more.

P.S. I cut off 11 inches of my hair to donate to locks of love. It's as short as I've ever had it--but I love it.

Hubby & I at the George Strait/Reba concert

A girl couldn't ask for a better best friend! I don't remember a time when I didn't have her in my life (and for that I am truly thankful!)

How 'bout them cowgirls!

LeeAnn Womack got the night started off right.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Mrs. Reba McEntire.  She was phenomenal!

Barbara Jean from the show "Reba" came for a visit. She is a mess!

And then my camera died before I got a single picture of my man George :(

Well friends, that's all I've got for this Thursday night. Time for bed so I can get up bright & early ( & in the rain) to finish the last day of week three of my workouts.  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit....

Over & out!

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  1. Welcome back to blog land! I like how you touched up the photos. My teeth have never been whiter ;-) I can't wait to read devo blog this weeeknd. Love you@