Look what I found today

A bird's nest in my fern.

It was still empty {thank goodness} so I gently removed it.

I know. Probably not nice for Mama bird. But I have a variety of trees to offer. That's the best I can do.

I don't think her babies would have been very happy when I sprayed water all over them while watering my fern.

Plus, I am fascinated by bird's nests. I think it's absolutely incredible how neatly woven together these 'scraps' are to make such a durable little home. I'm telling you, it took some skill to get that sucker detached from my plant without destroying it. It was in there good. But now I have souvenir from nature to remind me that God takes care of the birds of the air & He will always take care of me, too!

For even more exciting news. I found out my sweet friend Lindsay is expecting!!!

Linds & I in college

Congratulations Adam & Lindsay! Jake & I are SUPER excited for you both! Cannot wait to meet little Madi :)

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