Wilson, New Sofa & Snow Day

Oh Mr. Wilson.....
Our new pup has a name. Denny. Nope. Oliver. Try again. Wilson. Perfect. This pup had several names tried out on him in his first 24 hours as an Eldridge. Denny to represent the place where we got engaged, Denny Chimes.  Didn't fit. Oliver. Too hard to say. Wilson. That's it. It just fits him. He is just a Wilson.

Now in other news. I promised a sweet friend a long time ago that I would post a picture of our new furniture. Sorry friend! We bought a new sofa, end tables & coffee table. I love that sofa. Love it!
What do you think?

Now for some really exciting news.

We got snow today. Real flakes. Not just flurries.

I'll admit. I was upset with Mickey & JP because they told me the chance in our town was not really good. I wanted a free day off of work man! I wanted to play with my puppies in the snow. I prayed that the Lord would send snow & that I would have a chance to play in it & guess what?  He granted my request.

Before we could play in the snow, Mr. Wilson required a bath. I'll spare you the details.
He's so small when all of his fluff is wet :)
Now it's playtime!
our backyard & still snowing

snowflakes that stay on my nose & eyelashes...
scene from our front porch
Lucy & Wilson {playing together}
Lucy hasn't yet discovered a fondness for Wilson.

And one for the road....

See you next time!


  1. woooo hooo !!!! finally!!! LOVE the couch and tables.... cant wait to come sit on them!! (couch, not the tables.

  2. Love the picture update. Wilson is little to nothing with his fur all wet. But I must ask...Why give a bath before a romp in the snow? Seems a little counterintuitive, Steph.