Mi Amor {my love}

I cross my heart
and promise to
give all I've got to give
to make all your dreams comes true
In all the world
You'll never find
A love as true as mine

If I'm completely honest with you, I would have to tell you that I am married to the most perfect match me for me.  He is my soulmate.  He loves ALL of me, even the parts that are difficult to love. 

Have you ever read The Five Love Languages? One of my strongest love languages is gifts.  But I have found that it's not usually the actual gift that I enjoy most, but the thought & time the gift giver puts forth that makes it special for me.

I didn't receive flowers today. Or chocolate {I'll buy that myself, thank you}.  But my sweet husband bent over backwards to make this day memorable for me.

Our day began with a visit to a new church with some sweet friends.  It was a refreshing way to start.

Then my sweet hubby did a few chores on my behalf :)  He's knows the way to win my heart.

Following chores, he took me shopping for some new work clothes.  And he didn't complain at all.  True love.

Then we ate dinner here:
I had this {blue crab cakes--yummy!}:
Jake chose this {hawaiian pizza}:
And we rounded off our night at the movie theater watching this:
It was a great choice {with the exception of one scene toward the end}.

And when we got home these faces greeted us with much joy:
What a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Happy Valentines Day friends!


  1. sooo cute... i got tulips but the best gift of all was my built in closet. cant wait to get everything moved it to show you. soo sweet. see yall sooo soon.ps. your bday present is surely buried in with my stuff piled 4 feet high on the guest bed.

  2. I know the scene you're referring to. Oh my! The whole theater was in an uproar. Haha! But I loved it. Good job, Jake! Yes, Steph, we got a couple of good ones.