puppy love

Well our family dynamic has changed once more.  My Juddy buddy has a new home.  It was best for him & for us, but he didn't leave without me shedding a few tears.  I'd grown quite attached.  But his new residence allows him kiddos to play with, more room to run & other puppy friends.  That makes my heart happy.

Those sweet eyes will always have a special place in my heart.

Judd's departure led me to these cutie pies.

Meet puppy 1...
puppy 2....
& puppy 3

These sweet babies are schnoodles--schnauzer/poodle mixes.
My best friend found them for me on the infamous facebook.  I love instant communication.

So we are driving to Arkansas this weekend to pick up the newest member of our family.
(Seems like we've had a lot of newest members lately.)

Wanna know which one I picked? 

I was having a tough time deciding between the dark-haired boy (puppy 2) & the girl (puppy 3), but when the little girl was claimed, my decision was made.  I'll be bringing home puppy 2 this weekend.  I am still tossing around different ideas for names.  I think I'm going to have to wait & meet him before I decide.  I am beside myself with excitement to hold him, kiss him, pet him. 

In addition to getting a new puppy, I get to see my best friend as she hospitably takes us in for the weekend.  I'm super duper excited!  And on the way home, I get to see Jenny Beth, Casey & Anna Caroline.  I LOVE getting to visit my friends.  One of these days we're going to live closer to each other.  One of these days.

Other than puppy shuffle, we haven't been up to much lately.  State Farm has been keeping me busy.  And I've been brainstorming ideas for starting my own business sometime soon.  A very scary endeavor if I'm honest with you.  But the biggest obstacle for most of us is ourselves.  Such is true for me.
I am trusting the Lord to be my guide.

Stay tuned for puppy pictures....Lucy will be thrilled, I am sure. 
Another new puppy for her to have to share her mommy & daddy with :) 

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