Mean Girl

I experienced my first moment of sheer embarrassment as a puppy mommy a couple of days ago. 

My sweet fearless Lucy has had quite a difficult time adjusting to all of the change that has happened in her little life lately.  When I started packing boxes, she was my shadow.  During our stay with the in-laws she mellowed out some.  She's been there many times and she had her brother [Hank] to keep her company.  As is common knowledge...beagles are prone to barking.  But you know, their bark is their voice and they should be allowed to socialize.  So unless there is just a major meltdown and the barking turns to yelling, we let her bark (sorry neighbors...perhaps you should look into better insulation or turn the music up a little louder--this is not intended for our new neighbors but for the old ones on Maiden lane).  They are dogs for pete's sake. 

Well, our new house is a corner lot with a chain link [we had a tall privacy on Draper] SO Miss Lucy sees EVERY person/animal/tree limb/breeze that walks/drives/stands/breathes and guess what....yeah, she barks.  But on this particular night, I am preparing to cook dinner and I hear her going INsane outside.  So I go out to see what all the fuss is about and there is a lady walking her 2 pups on the road.  Apparantly, Lucy thinks they are too close to her yard.  I tell Lucy that they are friends and try to calm her and restrain her but she is having none of it.  The other dogs, by the way, were completely calm and not making the slightest peep.  I proceed to tell the lady that Lucy is not a mean dog, but she gets nervous around dogs she doesn't know.  So the woman brings the dogs closer to the fence and it happens.
Lucy charges the fence and tries to bite the other dogs.  I felt about 2 inches tall and could have crawled in a hole and died.  I have a mean dog!?!?!  Look at the little face.  I never would have guessed it.  But maybe it's time for some serious puppy therapy.  Clearly she isn't as socialized as I thought.  Sadie and Daisy and Maya and Hank and Luke....apparantly all of these pups weren't enough to socialize her.  Or maybe she's having withdrawals.  I don't know but I'm pretty sure that this incident was the closest I've been to wanting to beat that dog within an inch of her life.  I'm not about having spoiled, bratty dogs.  Hopefully, she'll mellow at OUR house with a little time.  Oh, the joys of parenthood...ha!

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