FALL and all of our changes

I just need to let out a big....WHEW!!

This past month and a half has been a whirlwind of blessing and excitement in the Eldridge household.
Where to begin....Jake landed a fabulous new job with a company who makes and distributes materials to make signs and banners (if you need vinyl or aluminum, Jake is your go-to man!).  He is training to be the man in charge, so we're very proud of that leap up the career ladder.  Not hardly a week after Jake accepted his new job, I was called to interview with a State Farm agent in Hoover...absolutely perfect job.  Interviewed one day, got a call for an offer the next day.  Then we began house hunting....found this beauty and put an offer on it in a matter of THREE days!  It's ours as of September 30th!!

Everything could not have gone more smoothly if we'd rehearsed.  We have a fabulous real estate agent who was introduced to us by our fabulous mortgage broker.  They made everything as easy as pie for Jake and I. 
We are moving in this weekend and are painting almost every room...pictures to come as they are completed.  Looking forward to decorating some pumpkins for the season and setting them on my front steps :)  Our house is super close to a brand new shopping center and tons of resturants.  It's about 20 minutes from the in-laws and 36 miles to the McFarland exit in Tuscaloosa...can you say PERFECT?!?  God has truly blessed us beyond what we deserve.

To top all of that off, I tested for my property and casulty license this morning and PASSED!!  How I manage to do so much under stress and pressure, I'll never know.  I can tell you, it's by the Lord's grace and guidance.  He deserves ALL of the glory!

We went on an Eldridge family trip to the beach for Labor Day (minus Cody--he's too cool for us)...it was a nice and much-needed break for all of us.  The beach is fabulous not matter what time of year you go...love it!  We tried to take "pretty pictures" for Christmas card but Jake had real trouble keeping those pretty green eyes open with the bright sunshine...so we may have to have a CC pic with sunglasses on Jake....

We have lots of traveling plans in the works because of course, it's FOOTBALL season!!  Already been to 2 games and you know we'll be there for many, many more. ROLL TIDE!!  Loving the fall weather we've been having...cooler temps, leaves falling, blue skies....LOVE IT!!  Puts me in a feel good mood real quick.

Can't wait to update as we progress with our house...whee!!  Fun times!

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