Time for an update

All of those busy weekends caught up with me and I haven't posted since May 7...almost a month ago. As we all know, my crazy efforts for Kris Allen paid off (booyah to all who called me crazy!). He is THE American Idol and he has had a jam-packed schedule since he left that Idol stage. Just keep Kris and Katy in your prayers from this point forward because we all know the media and Hollywood are very insensative and cold and will write/say just about anything regardless of its truth. Their marriage is still very new. I can't imagine having spent my first year like the Allen's did. I commend them and truly am so proud for them! And I'm committed to praying for them!
On that note, Jake and I did celebrate our first year of marriage on May 24! It's so crazy how fast the time has flown. I've been looking back over pictures in the last week or so because I'm going to order some (finally!) and it just brought back all of the wonderful memories of that day. It really was the most special day, full of so much emotion and excitement. Our first year has reflected those same things in so many ways. There has been a lot of emotion, a lot of learning and a lot of faith. We never imagined we would be in Albertville after we got married, but the Lord had a bigger plan and we know that this time is so special because we get to spend practically all of it with each other, which has taught us more than we even know. I'm thankful for that. We celebrated in Atlanta for a couple of days and then came home and ate the year old cake (not bad!) and enjoyed our anniversary in our own home. It was a fantastic way to celebrate year one! Year two, here we come!
Our schedule has slowed down a bit so we're enjoying a few weekends at home, activities with our Life Group at church, and catching up on our to-do lists before we start the go again. Lots of exciting things planned for the summer so lots to look forward!
Back to cleaning for me....I got my second wind :)

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