American Idol and busy weekends

Well, this has been a crazy week for Idol fans. Coming off of the "shocking" news last Tuesday (4/28) that both Adam and Kris were in the bottom three, all were anxious to see how rock week turned out. I was nervous for Kris simply because I know rock isn't his strong suit and the producers/judges have been gunning for him as of late (I mean, come on, he's getting dangerously close to their Golden Child). I expect to see further harsh reviews of him in the weeks to come, but I digress.

Mr. Allen put up a solid performance during rock week with "Come Together" by the Beatles. It was more original than any of the other performances. Certainly, it wasn't as bad as the nails on a chalkboard, bust your eardrums, completely off-key grand finale note of Mr. Gokey's number for the evening. Doesn't Kris even get an A+ for effort? Wait, that award goes to Mr. Gokey. That all came after one of the judges had a close call when he slipped on the puddle of drool that compiled on the floor following the excessive praise of Adam "rock god" Lambert's performance. It was an absolutely disgusting night for American Idol. I'll tell you the fans answered back though!

I think last night's results show was just as shocking to me as the week before...because I was so nervous for Kris. I honestly thought he'd be hung out to dry. Although the judges didn't praise her solo performance, Adam was supposedly Allison's lifesaver because of their rockin' duet. It was pretty good, I'll admit, especially compared to Danny trying to dominate Kris in their duet with his yelling harmony (I liked when Kris did the higher harmony better. PS--Danny, when you're the harmonizer, you're supposed to be softer than the one singing the melody). Back to the point. Mr. Allen was the first one to be told that he was SAFE!!! I bawled like a baby (even before they announced a thing--at that time because I thought Kris was going home--and continued with tears of joy after they made the grand announcement). I felt like my team just won the national championship!! KAnation did it!! We defied the odds and keep Kris safe for another [unpredicted] week!!!! Now I just wish I could go see him in Conway for his homecoming event, but I have my lovely sister's graduation from college and therefore, I'll be reading the blogs and watching the videos. I love the above photo of the progression of Kristopher's face after he found out he was the first one in the top 3.

As for my weekend, it's going to be crazy and full of fun! I'll be exhausted on Sunday evening and it'll go by way too fast, but I'm really looking forward to it. Friday--Tuscaloosa for Ash's graduation (Alabama Alum, woo who!); Saturday (after graduation)--Memphis for Anna Caroline's dedication at church on Sunday. So excited to see them again, even though it's only been a couple of weeks since I saw them last :) Can't get enough of my family and friends! And lots of family and friends are coming in from out of town for Ash's graduation, so that'll be fun. Means I've got some cleaning to do tonight :-/

It's Thursday!! Almost done with another work week :) Crazy how fast this year is flying by!

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