Life Lately

Life in the Eldridge household is grand. We are official graudates of Financial Peace University. It was definitely an enlightening experience and we continue to learn everyday. Learning to manage your money as a couple is no cake walk, I assure you. It takes a LOT of communication and discipline on a daily basis. But if we want to live like no one else later, we have to live like no one else right now.

My job at State Farm has been a whole lot better lately. I'm beginning to get much more comfortable and learn the ropes. Customers are starting to recognize me and I'm beginning to "make some sales." I feel more like a part of the team rather than someone on the outside looking in. Makes it easier to want to go to work every day. Jake is beginning to find his niche in his job as well. He is so good at it, but his expectations for himself are to be the very best and that just takes time. But he is quickly finding his way to the top. God has truly blessed us both with good jobs. We are thankful for them, especially in times when many people are losing their jobs.

On a different note: The Eldridge house becomes American Idol central every Tuesday night. A good friend of mine, Kris Allen, is a contestant on the show this season and he has made it all the way to the top 4. He is an amazing talent and an amazing Christian man. God has/is using him in mighty ways to reach people in Hollywood. No matter what happens in the competition from this point on, Kris has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry. Nonetheless, I'm rooting for him to go ALL THE WAY on Idol. I devote three whole hours to watching and voting on Tuesday nights and an hour for the results on Wednesday nights. We've made it a family event. My parents and Kyle come over, we have dinner and then we all watch and vote. Kris for American Idol!!

For now, that's all because I'm sleepy.

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