I'm not very consistent with the blog thing. I wish I took time everyday to write, but I just don't. I never have been a consistent blogger, guess I probably never will be.

Nonetheless, it's fun when I think about it.

FPU is well over half way finished. Jake and I have our emergency fund established so now we're snowballing our debt. I hope to pay off my computer next paycheck and cut up all of my credit cards. Then on to tackling the $3000 student loan. Need to get as much paid off asap so that in the case I do get into nursing school this fall and am not able to work much, if any at all, we'll have as few bills as possible.

I'm excited about the possibility of nursing school, although nervous about it as well. I know that if it's His plan, and not just mine, it'll all work out. I worry too much about nothing. At this point, it's out of my control. I guess I just hate the let-down and having to figure out a new direction, a new approach. But you know, that's life. I suppose part of me is looking for a quick way out of Albertville, which I know is totally the wrong motive. But I also really do want a different career path that will be more flexible and follow more of the principles I believe in. I feel a real emptiness when I think about a career in the financial field. It was a great major and a great learning experience, but I've had a hard time finding where I fit into the field career wise. I know that it always has a way of working itself out. I just need to quit thinking so much and let life happen. Trying to plan everything takes the fun out of life. I need to learn to be more relaxed and take things as they come more often.
Deep breath. I can do this. I will do this. I will learn to live life more relaxed and spontaneous. It's too short to live always making a plan.

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