Hallow-dega bound!

Speed. Booze. Beads. Combine that with people who haven't bathed (& won't bath) & port-a-pots and you've got Talladega...or this year hAlLoWdeGa.  And WE will be there.  Yes, we are making the trek to Talladega Superspeedway this weekend to camp This isn't my first trip to the superspeedway but I've never been on Halloween so I must admit, I am a little afraid.  Anyone who knows much about me knows that I am terrified of masks.  I usually stay in on Halloween, curled up on the couch with some soup and hot chocolate.  This year I'm being brave and not only going out on Halloween, but to Hallow-dega!  I must be crazy.  I'll let you know how it goes...

We decorated with pumpkins & mums as tradition would have it, but there was no pumpkin carving in the Eldridge household this year :(  Unfortunately, renovating trumped pumpkin decorating, but I did get some pretty little pumpkins.  You can't see them all in our little fall family portrait.  There is a white one that I LOVE you can see poking out to the left of the mum.  And there is another larger orange one behind Jake.  I had big plans to carve some really cute E's on them and let them glow.  Next year, it's on!

In preparation for this wild weekend, we have not been able to complete the kitchen as soon as we hoped.  So I promise I will get photos up of our renovations very soon!  Bare with me.  I have to get it in some kind of order before we are graced with the presence of very special guests next weekend (which I am SO excited about).  But for now....boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go racin' boys!

HaPpY hALLoWeEn!!

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  1. I sure hope there aren't too many masks out there. Just remember that it isn't real, k? Love your family pic with the pumpkins, but where's Lucy? Is it a Christmas card perhaps? Have fun this weekend!