Starting the year off with a bang

One of our goals for the new year that I failed to include in the last post [perhaps sleep deprivation is to blame] is to find a church where we can plug in & get active. As a married couple, we've found it can be particularly difficult to find a church with young couples. In our experience, the "young married couples" tend to be early 30's with children. Of course, I have absolutely nothing against this group. One day soon I'll be part of it. But we are not there yet.

This morning we visited Shades Mountain Baptist in Birmingham.

It's a pretty large church, much bigger than what we've been accustomed to. But we want to get plugged into a group with couples our age, in similar circumstances, who we can relate to, be accountable to, etc. etc.

We loved it! Every person in Sunday School greeted us. They made us feel welcome. They were personal. Pretty cool experience.  We'll be visiting again.

After we got home from church, Judd provided some afternoon excitement as we chased him around the neighborhood. He has not quite gotten the idea that he can NOT fly out the door every time it opens {of course he wins I guess because we always go after him}. This is the third time he's gotten out in a week's time.

The first time--our fault--door left wide open while talking to a neighbor.
Second time--he escaped under the fence into the neighbors yard & roamed the neighborhood on New Years Eve before we got home from work.
And this time--Jake opened the door for me & as I'm walking through with arms full, Judd shoots out.

I admit, I bribed him with a box of bones. And I got in a good session of cardio lugging his heavy tail up a mountain that leads to our house {it's a medium & pretty short hill, but if feels like Mt. Everest when you're trying to huff it after chasing & then carrying a 30+ lb. pup in heels :)}.

All in all, a very good Sunday. Now preparing for a brand new year in a brand new year. This is a big week in the Eldridge household. We've got a date with ABC Thursday night at 7:30p. We'll be parked in front of the tv watching the Tide in the National Championship. So before I go gotta give a big......


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