Out With The [Old], In With The {New}

Happy 2010 friends!

I hope you each rang in the new year in a special way. I spent the evening with Hubby, Lucy & Judd [more on this pup later] in our home & it couldn't have been more special.

We spent time appreciating the past decade our God has blessed us with.

As we've reflected on 2009 we've thought about things we want to accomplish and/or change in 2010.

To truly experience change requires.much.discipline. Something most of us don't have, myself included.

But there is something refreshing about a new year.

A brand new slate.

The end of something past & the beginning of something to come.

So I'm sharing our new years resolutions with you for some major accountability. Here goes...

Stephanie's Resolutions:

*Attack student loans by using Dave Ramsey's debt snowball
{this is a dual goal for Jake & I}

*Improve organization skills
{make weekly meal plans, cut coupons, use cash, search for the best prices, organize home}

*Read more
{actually cover to cover & not just half way}

*Learn new recipes & cook at home more often
{I want to master these recipes so I can have several staple dishes on hand for occasions when planning go awry}

*Tackle some home projects [decor & otherwise] with frugality & creativity
{make old things new through a little creativity & some TLC}

Jake's Resolutions:

*Practice healthier habits & get in shape
{Jake is participating in The Biggest Loser challenge with several coworkers at Grimco. In short, he wants to make time to exercise, improve his eating habits & limit the Coca-Cola intake :)}

*Complete some home improvement projects
{cutting down a few trees, building a shed for the boat}

*Meet & exceed monthly goals at work
{As a leader, he wants his store producing efficiently & wants to see everybody succeed.}

Lucy & Judd's Resolutions:

*Learn to love brother & not be jealous
{Miss Lucy is still adjusting the new addition to our family. She's a tad protective but she is learning that we love her just as much as the new pup}

*Learn to potty outside only
{Judd--he's only been at this potty thing for about a week & so far only two accidents. Training male pups is more difficult than female, but I know he'll get the hang of it really soon.}

*Learn to chew only on my toys
{Judd--loves loves to chew! Lots of raw hide bones & toys. But we've got to learn the difference between our toys & furniture.shoes.boxes.}

Lucy [I think she might just be sticking her tongue out]


It's going to be a great year, I am sure of it! Meet me back here in 364 days to help me measure the progress 2010 brought the Eldridge fam.

Here's to a blessed & full 2010!!

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  1. Those are some great resolutions! I am most interested in the fact that it seems you are reading Twilight. You're going to love it. Looks like we have some similar resolutions so we can certainly keep each other accountable.