This Guy

This is my sweet husband. Isn't he handsome?
I don't "feature" him on the blog as much as I should.
But he pulled off a date night that is blogworthy.

We try to make date nights a priority.
They are usually low key, which is fine with me.
Sometimes they don't turn out the way either of us planned.
But we always have fun and we are firm believers they are necessary.

Moving on.
With slam-packed weekends this month, date night was headed to the back burner.
But, little did I know, J had something up his sleeve.
He surprised me with tickets to see WYNONNA JUDD in concert.
Umm, hello, this girl loves Wynonna Judd! (and I happen to love surprises, too)
He arranged for my parents to keep Waylon.
The icing on the cake: J decided to forgo a concert of his preference to take me to this concert.
Sacrifice, friends. That is the mark of a real man.
This guy knows how to treat his girl.

my iPhone didn't like the lighting or having to zoom so it took the crappiest pic ever.

I took a short video to share of one of my favorite Judd songs ("Young Love") but blogger would not cooperate and I didn't have the patience to figure out how to upload through another alternative. 

But it sounded a lot this....


The best part of that song was sitting next to handsome groom and singing it together.
It reminds us both of "us."

One of my favorite date nights ever!! Thank you to my sweet lovie for treating me to dinner and Wynonna on a rainy Friday night. I loved every second because I got to spend it with you!

If you don't currently go on regular date nights with your spouse, I highly recommend it. There are few things that will benefit your family and children more than making sure you take care of your marriage first.

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