I'd rather be. . . .

*recovering my dining room chairs (my fabric came in - LOVE it!)
*painting on canvas
*reading a GOOD book
*studying the Word
*catching up on summer shows {Army Wives}

But what am I doing?


Studying for the GRE. 

I'm taking it in 2 weeks & my study skills are a bit rusty. Please pray for me & my attention span - I have a lot to accomplish & little time to accomplish it.

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Phil 4:13


  1. Good luck girl! I know you will do great! I'm so impressed you are taking it! : )

  2. Thanks girlfriend! I'm a little nervous about it...my study skills have gotten a little rusty. Hope you are doing well! We haven't gotten to catch up since you've been super busy but I'd love to see you sometime! Maybe we can plan a weekend to all meet up in LR & have a girls night out :)